Emerging Leaders in the Law
Purpose Statement

Emerging Leaders in the Law (ELL) is a program that seeks to increase equal access to justice for all people with the belief that in order to truly have equal access to justice for all people, all identities must be represented in the legal system -- from judges and attorneys to court staff and probation officers. USLS seeks to advance this goal by inspiring the next generation of leaders in the law. People of color, GLBT folks, people living with disabilities and women must have a seat at the table to achieve our highest aspirations.

We meet this goal in two ways:

1. Inspiring Traditionally Underrepresented UMN Students to Consider a Career in Law

  • ELL connects undergraduate students with a mentor (law student or attorney) who share the same identity;
  • ELL hosts networking and career exploration events;
  • ELL establishes opportunities for educational and career exploration, support and advice to students regarding law school admissions, law school culutre, paying for law schools, and finding a job; and
  • ELL provides support for students taking the LSAT.

2. Inspiring High School Students to Dream Big

  • ELL develops relationships with metro area high school administrators, teachers and students with a focus on schools with large numbers of first generation students, students of color, and active GLBT organizations;
  • ELL creates mentoring relationships with high school students and undergraduate/law students who share similar identities;
  • ELL organizes a "Know Your Rights/Street Law" program and career exploration panels; and
  • ELL hosts events that bring high school students to UMN and the courthouse to meet judges and lawyers.

If you have any questions about this program or would like to become involved, either as a potential mentor or as a participant, please contact:

Karmen McQuitty
USLS Attorney at Law