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All students are guaranteed confidentiality. Plain and simple, confidentiality is of the utmost importance.


If USLS does not have the resources or expertise to help, we maintain a list of other agencies and services in the Twin Cities area and will make referrals accordingly. If a student is eligible but USLS does not handle an area of the law the student needs help with, the student may still make an appointment to discuss his or her options.


Representation During Breaks or Between Terms
Students are generally not eligible for service between terms. However, if a student has an emergency, USLS may see the student (provided that the student paid the student services fee during the most recent term and intends to be a full-time student in the next term). A copay of $25.00 may be charged to eligible students when they are between semesters (i.e. summer). Emergency situations include, but are not limited to, those in which an eligible student:


Termination of Representation
Clients have the right to terminate their relationship with USLS at any time. USLS has the right to terminate its representation in the following situations:


When a client is no longer eligible for USLS services, USLS will terminate representation. Under very limited circumstances USLS may agree to continue representation after a client is no longer a fee-paying student solely for the purpose of completing minor tasks necessary for completion of a case. Examples of such minor tasks would include serving and filing a final court order, ordering certified copies of a court document, or writing a letter summarizing an agreement. The decision to continue representation for such minor tasks is solely at the discretion of USLS staff. Clients may be assessed a fee for continued representation.


Services to students who will be graduating or will soon lose eligibility for USLS services are limited to advice only. USLS will not commence representation in a lawsuit or other legal matter that will require legal services after a student is no longer eligible.


Students who have complaints about their relationship with USLS should:


Complaints will be reviewed by a special committee appointed by the USLS Board Chairperson (a student) and the aggrieved student has the option of making an oral presentation to the committee.


Students who would prefer to be represented by an advocate in connection with a complaint should contact the Student Conflict Resolution Center at the University of Minnesota for assistance.


Limitations and Exclusions of Service
Those matters not listed under “what we do” are excluded (link). In addition, USLS cannot provide service in the following situations due to conflict of interest or other standards:


When USLS May Decline Service:
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