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Learn what you need to know about planning a party. This document discusses noisy assembly, disorderly conduct, alcohol consumption, dram shop laws, and social host liability. It also has multiple tips for interacting with law enforcement.
We've created a pamphlet to guide you through the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the information each student has a right to receive under its provisions.
Ever wanted to know how your credit score is determined and what informtion creditors obtain from your credit report? Check out this guide for more information.
Learn about your rights and responsibilities under the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Protect yourself from illegal debt collection practices by arming yourself with important knowledge in this pamphlet.
Authentication is the process of verifying the official nature of a document so that it can be accepted at face value by officials in another country. Our office can help you authenticate your important documents. Check out this guide to learn how.
What are the laws and penalties associated with drunk driving in Minnesota? If you don't know, you should read through this pamphlet to understand your driving responsibilities.
Did you know fires are the third leading cause of accidental death in the US? Review this pamphlet to learn more about how to protect your life and belongings from fire hazards.
Over 10 million individuals fall victim to identity theft each year. Learn more about how to protect your identity and how to seek legal recovery if your identity is stolen.
If you are applying for a J or F Visa as a basis to enter and remain in the US for schooling, it is of the utmost importance that you follow all the requirements within this pamphlet to live in the US legally.
Learn about the Record Industry Association of America and how you can protect yourself from being liable for copyright infringement.
Have you been charged with a petty misdemeanor? Learn about your rights as an accused party, the arraignment process, negotiations with prosecutors, and the trial system.
If you will be out of the country for an extended period of time, you may find it beneficial to assign your power of attorney. Learn more about this process.
This guide is an essential read for all students renting off-campus. In this guide, we go over the various methods you can do to protect yourself from unhelpful landlords as well as what you absolutely must know if you are planning on throwing a party in your apartment or home.
If you would like to learn more about USLS's services, please review this pamphlet. Alternatively, you may check out the various pages of this website.
Learn more about the internal workings of USLS, who is eligible for USLS services, and the governance of the Board of Directors.
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